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Be a Part 

The legacy of being a part of something bigger

Human-centered digital solutions 

We at Be a Part believe digital transformation is all about relationships and being a part of something bigger. Thus our goal is to provide a long-lasting solution fit for your needs, constructed and designed precisly right from the beginning. 

System, App & Webdevelopment, Programmers & programming, Digital Marketing, Video & Photography - you name it- we fix it!

What we do

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

System, Web & App development

System, Web & App development

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 

How we do it

Human first, digital after! 

 Be a Part is all about building long-lasting relationships based on curiosity and the ability to dare and think outside the box!  

Our Human-centered digital solutions approach makes our job a lot funnier and easier. 

The approach refers to the process of using technology to improve the way organizations work, with a focus on the needs and wants of the people who use and interact with that technology. This approach emphasizes creating user-friendly solutions and improves the overall experience for customers, employees, and other stakeholders. It involves rethinking and redesigning business processes, organizational structures, and communication channels to better meet users' needs and improve overall efficiency.

We also understand both the positive and less positive impacts of digitalization on the climate. Thus when providing a solution we make sure it contributes to more efficient use of resources and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Curious to know more about the whole process? 

Become a part of the legacy.
Create a better future with us!

Curious about us? We love curious people, businesses and organizations.
All good solutions start with a chatt or a fika? Or why not go all the way and give us a phone call? 


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