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System, Web & App development

Did someone say System, Web or App development-time?

Stylish, responsive and easy-to-navigate website. Your webpage, your voice!

We create smart, stylish and easy-to-navigate websites. We offer everything from simple websites to more design complexes depending on your wishes and needs. Then we fill the website with relevant content.

If you need more professional image material, our photographer will help you with that. In some cases, a target group and industry analysis is also relevant. You will then receive a suggestion on what your website could look like. We put together a plan together and then start tailoring your website.No matter what type of website you want, we make sure to adapt and create a user-friendly, well-structured and easy-to-navigate website adapted to your company's unique goals and your customers!

We develop and manage systems, adapted to your specific needs.

'' What are the benefits of having your own system?''

If you ask us, it depends entirely on the way the company works and some other factors. If you recognize yourself in some of these statements, it may be time to look into developing something of your own:

  • You've tried many programs that weren't quite what you expected.

  • You may have been close to buying a license for a program, but reconsidered and thought about whether it's really worth the money when it still didn't have all the features you need.

  • You have a system today that does not live up to expectations and in some cases does not even facilitate the workflow. You still have to do things manually (perhaps even twice) in other programs, files and documents.

  • You have no platform today, but feel that some kind of program could have saved a lot of time, as much is manual.

If any of the above applies to you, even a little, it may be time to start looking at something of your own. A good start is to write down why, what and how.

  • Why do you want a customized software?

  • What should the software do?

  • How does the company work today with the tasks above?

Then you already have a good foundation there! We at Be a Part have a long experience in software development and are there all the way from start to finish. With us you get a solution of your choice. We integrate your new solution with other programs and files, so you never have to do double entries again and can do all your work in one place.

With a strong team of about ten developers and the competence in system architecture, graphic design and project management, we bring new approaches and can help with the problems you are facing. With us you get:

  • A tailor-made solution, just the way you want it

  • Ownership, you own the solution and pay no license fees

  • Further development. Even when your solution is launched and ready, changes and additions of functions may be needed.

Did someone say App-time?

We offer everything from concept development to design, development and launch of apps. Our team consists of experienced developers, designers and project managers who specialize in app development. We can't promise the world but we can promise an app that will make your company become a part of the world. Becasue being a part is the future.

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