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What is the GDPR?
And what does it have to do with my marketing? 

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In this crash course about the General Data Protection Regulation, you'll finally get a basic understanding of the GDPR, why it came into place, and how you can navigate it – without falling asleep.

The course takes an unconventional grip on the world's most famous data protection regulation and does so from a digital marketing perspective. Because what your website and CRM systems do and how your advertising budget is spent are compliance issues that impact your organization's credibility and the trust consumers can instill in your brand.


Hence, the course will address the elephant in the room head-on by asking questions like:


  1. Can organizations conduct digital advertising and harvest leads from "the internet" without collecting personal data?

  2. How much personal data are your website and apps collecting, and to whom are you sending this data?

  3. How does the ad-tech ecosystem work, and can it be considered a cyber security threat?


As the ...


  • third-party cookie is being deprecated, 

  • EU's data transfer agreement with the US is being challenged, 

  • new EU regulations are pressuring "Big Tech" and the platforms we've become dependent on,

  • and consumers are increasingly aware of their rights, 


... it's time to rethink digital marketing and explore what transparency- and privacy-focused marketing could look like.


Not just because you "have to" be GDPR-compliant but because you want to respect people's right to privacy and have control over your data practices everywhere.


Welcome to an introductory course that will give you a basic understanding of, the GDPR and how you can leverage it to a forward-thinking digital marketing approach.


Course Content

  1. Key concepts of the GDPR, its purpose, and challenges.

  2. Other data protection regulations and how the GDPR intersects with the ePrivacy-directive. 

  3. Cookies and GDPR-safe webanalytics

  4. Platforms, the ad-tech-system, and cybersecurity 

  5. Where do I start – what do I need to do?

  6. Summary and checklist



Price: 25 EUR (*ex. VAT) 

Format: Online

Duration: 1 hour

Instructor: Vibeke Specht


Vibeke Specht is a Privacy Tech Advisor

at Cookie Information, and the author of the book:
From GDPR confusion to (successful) Privacy First Marketing

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